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[Infographic] Is your firm a dinosaur?

Infographic - Is Your Firm A Dinosaur - How law firm marketing has changed

You’ve already seen the seismic shifts impacting law firms (e.g., technology tools & platforms, mobile, etc.). However, those same tools & trends actually have the potential for breakthrough opportunities for firms like yours. In particular, for law firm marketing & business development.

Take a look at the infographic below to see exactly what’s changed in law firm marketing over the last 3 years, and whether your firm is doomed to becoming a dinosaur.


Infographic - Is Your Firm A Dinosaur (law firm marketing in 2017)

If you’re like most law firms, you probably still rely on rainmakers and acquiring other attorneys who already have a book of business.

Those strategies can have a place in your firm’s overall plan.

But they’re actually incredibly risky.

What’s worse, is that by relying on those strategies, you’re not building a system that predictably sources a pipeline of new business, clients, and matters.

Instead of relying on individual players (who can come & go), law firms today are looking to build something that’s firm-owned, not person-centric. Basically, a machine that delivers business. A system that leverages the exact same technological tools that’ve created the seismic shifts affecting virtually any business.

What do you think?

  • Have you or your competitors witnessed these changes in law firm marketing?
  • Or have you considered or maybe even started implementing some of these strategies?
  • What key metrics for marketing and/or business development do you track? (If you’re like two-thirds of firms, you likely don’t even have a way to track your key metrics).
  • Have you done anything to be mobile-friendly? (For example, even just using a website theme that’s responsive–so that it’s laid out to be easily viewed & read on any device, from desktop to tablet to mobile phone).
  • Have any of your attorneys tried LinkedIn to generate new clients? (Even if they have, chances are they either didn’t do enough or did it wrong).
  • Have you used content (e.g., articles, webinars, email, social media, etc.) to reach out to prospective clients? (Again, sadly, most firms are doing this dead wrong–if they’re even doing any content–but they just don’t know it).
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