ProLaw Tools

StreamLine offers several ProLaw tools, available for same-day install. Most of our tools can also be customized to better fit your specific needs. Contact Greg Miliatis for details or to schedule a demo.


Contact Importer:

Import contacts into ProLaw quickly and easily. The Contact Importer also allows you to query for and export ProLaw contacts to Excel, where they can be more easily edited, and then re-imported back to ProLaw. The Contact Importer can also be modified to include your custom tab fields. Developed in conjunction with Legal Toolware.

Custom Functionality

Inquiry Auto-Refresh Utility:

You may not know it, but the Inquiry tab does NOT always automatically refresh; this can lead to problems if reports and/or collection calls rely on Inquiry tab data.

As a result, your firm could potentially:

  • lose out on thousands of dollars (especially when settling cases), and/or
  • face professional embarrassment (when client invoices are wildly inaccurate).

However, the Inquiry Auto-Refresh Utility ensures that all your Inquiry tab data stays up-to-date whenever the underlying data is changed. (Note that this utility is more comprehensive than that offered by Thomson-Elite, since Thomson-Elite’s solution does NOT refresh all fields on the Inquiry tab–this problem still exists in all versions of ProLaw, including XII, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).

Vendor Item-Level Security:

Automatically assign item-level security to vendor contacts so that only specified users can view/change vendors.

Custom Tab Security:

Yes, it IS possible to lock down custom tabs!Configure security on ProLaw custom tabs so that some users have view-only security, while other specified users are allowed to edit custom tab data. Custom tabs can also be configured so that all users have view-only rights.

Contact Address Mapper:

Instantly generate a map to a contact’s address.


StreamLine Dashboard Report:

Display visual trends for several metrics, along with the numeric data that make up the charts. The StreamLine Dashboard allows you to choose the date range, as well as other parameters (area of law, matter type, client sort, assigned type and initials) for the report. Real-time data allows you to see trends and interrelationships between metrics so you can make better decisions for your firm. The StreamLine Dashboard can be modified to include any metrics you want.  Default metrics include:

  • Average Days to Bill vs. Pay
  • WIP Aging
  • A/R Aging
  • Worked vs. Billed vs. Paid
  • Client Costs as a % of Billed
  • Cases Opened vs. Closed
  • Write-Offs
  • Net Income

Hard Costs Life Cycle Report:

Easily see:

  • Hard costs paid by the firm but unpaid by the client
  • A/P paid by the client
  • A/P billed but not yet paid
  • A/P yet to be billed

Where Did The Money Go Report:

Easily see where the firm’s money goes for all months in the current year, along with totals for year-to-date, monthly average, monthly budget, and annualized budget. In addition to a summary, this report is broken down into sections for cash on hand at the beginning of the period, cash receipts, disbursements, and adjustments.

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