ProLaw custom button how-to

ProLaw software automation - custom buttons how-to

This is easily one of my favorite, yet little-known, features in ProLaw software: the custom button. Custom buttons are, not surprisingly, available to use on any custom tab (in Contacts, Matters, or Professionals), and let you automate ProLaw.

Typically, ProLaw custom buttons are used for 3 things:

  • opening & auto-generating an Excel report,
  • running an external, non-ProLaw application, and
  • opening a web page & passing some info to it.

I know that sounds overly generic, so I created a super short video that shows a couple ways I’ve used custom buttons.

Here’s another example video that shows how you can use a custom button to automagically log in to a web site, then navigate to a page using info from the matter:

So, yeah, you can do some really interesting things using custom buttons, and greatly automate ProLaw software for users.

Need help getting them working? Call or email me at 505.349.8811 or greg[at]

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