ProLaw export tool for v11 reports

ProLaw export tool for viewing v11 ProLaw reports to create in SSRS

Here’s a quick demo of a ProLaw support tool for exporting from ProLaw. This simple tool lets you export a list of v11 ProLaw reports so you can decide which reports to create in SSRS.

Note: Even if you have no v11 reports, you’ll be interested in the free tool if you’ve ever wanted to yank data out of ProLaw & put it in Excel.

Now, for those of you who have v11 reports in ProLaw and are planning to upgrade, beware: Those v11 reports will be nuked by the ProLaw upgrade.

By “nuked,” I mean those reports go completely away.


No longer available or viewable.

A one-way ticket to the sweet hereafter.

So, well BEFORE you upgrade ProLaw, those v11 reports & statement formats need to be re-created as SSRS reports.

This is actually a great opportunity to cull out those 80 “Copy of copy of…” & other unused reports.

The problem is that it’s not easy to see all your v11 reports. They’re scattered all over the place–Matters, Transactions, statement bodies, hither & yon.

Now, Thomson-Elite will export a list of your v11 reports & send it to you if you ask nicely.

But that list has flaws.

So, I created a better ProLaw export tool, and I’ll give it to you for free–no obligation, cost, strings whatsoever.

If you don’t care about v11 reports, but want to export from ProLaw to Excel automagically, take a look at the demo above. You can see how easy it can be to pull data into Excel–without having to spend hours copying-&-pasting or manually typing data into Excel.

If you want to snag your copy of the tool: email me directly at greg [at]

Check it out the super-short demo below:


Need ProLaw support? Call or email me at 505.349.8811 or greg[at]

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