Our results

In addition to law firms, we’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses to create growth–including national franchises, professional associations, and software & IT companies.

Specific results vary across industries and businesses, but these are some of the results we’ve created:

191% Increase over industry-average email open rates

For the email campaigns we’ve done in the legal industry, we achieved almost double the industry average open rates (i.e., how many recipients actually open the email). Open rates vary by industry, but in the legal industry, the average open rate is ~22% (i.e., about 1 in 5 people actually open the emails sent).

Why should you care about email open rates?

Because the more people who open your emails can ultimately translate into customers & clients. If no one opens your email, you’re essentially being ignored.

In contrast to industry open rates, our emails consistently averaged 43% open rates–nearly double the industry average. Some of our emails even achieved higher open rates (78% for one campaign).

846% Growth within 15 months

For one of our clients–a nonprofit conservation group–we increased their membership from ~650 people to over 5.500 people within 15 months. Most of that growth was achieved within the first 6 months.

The growth we achieved made this group the largest conversation group in its state, and as a state chapter for a national organization; that national organization–after seeing our impressive results–started sending their other state chapters to learn from us.

Those results were achieved mainly through email marketing, though we also used offline marketing & outreach, as well as identifying & working with complimentary strategic partners.

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