Law firm marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to feel dirty

Most law firms equate marketing with loud TV commercials, and dialing-for-dollars boiler-room phone calls.

Those high-pressure tactics don’t fit your law firm.

But often, firms have little idea how else to market themselves, so end up going with “default” strategies–with little idea whether they’re effective.

Does this describe your marketing?

Again & again we hear firms say they get their clients through these strategies:

  • networking
  • “word of mouth” and
  • sending out newsletters (usually sporadically).

But when asked for more specifics, they come up short.

For instance, 99% of firms can’t answer the following:

  • What’s your ROI on networking–costs (including time) incurred vs. revenue generated?
  • How, specifically, do you cultivate word of mouth?
  • How have you systematized getting more clients through word of mouth?
  • Have you tracked how many clients you’ve gotten this year from referrals?
  • How are you tracking the cases that come in from your newsletter?
  • What kinds of calls to action do you include in your newsletters?
  • How are you segmenting your clients & prospects, and how are your marketing campaigns different for each segment?

Or even basic questions about the firm’s business, like:

  • Who are your highest-value clients, and how did you get them?
  • What are your highest-value types of cases?

Why you should care

We get it: attorneys are trained in law, not marketing. Your expertise is helping your clients in legal matters–not designing & optimizing systems that bring you more high-value clients.

So, most firms are justifiably confused and overwhelmed about how to market themselves.

But, investing in marketing is arguably the most effective strategy for increasing your firm’s revenue.

A clear (proven) strategy

Law firms are different from many other businesses, and typically, self-styled “marketing consultants” are often 1-trick ponies who push SEO or pay-per-click services.

But they don’t have a deep understanding of both law firms and the challenges their clients face.

While some marketing strategies & tactics will work great for your estates & trusts practice, those same tactics can be completely ineffective for your intellectual property practice.

Knowing what works best for different practice areas is key to maximizing the results from your marketing investment.

Our edge​​​​

With 17+ years working with over 200 law firms, plus a background in psychology and data-driven, results-oriented marketing, we know BOTH law firms AND marketing.

That gives us an edge over traditional marketing agencies who don’t understand the motivations & challenges that law firms & their clients face.

Our marketing team uses performance-based marketing so you can clearly see your ROI. And we rigorously test and optimize all your marketing initiatives for maximum effectiveness.

We create strategic, systematic growth

Usually, our work involves:

  • lead generation (though often, lead volume isn’t the problem, but sourcing highly-qualified leads)
  • nontraditional, atypical lead pipelines tailored to your prospects
  • conversion optimization (including website, email, etc.)
  • sales funnel design & optimization
  • lead & prospect qualifying & optimizing strategies to better qualify leads & prospects
  • direct-response strategies and copywriting that create real results

What we DON’T do

If you simply want someone who’s going to blast random social media or build vague “brand awareness”, we’re not for you.

What we will do is bring you more clients and matters.

We think it’s more fair to get paid for creating real value for your business, rather than try to justify how 1,000 tweets will pay your bills.

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