Integrations for Expense Management

We’ve built seamless connections to between ProLaw and a variety of expense-entry platforms like:

  • Chrome River/Emburse,
  • SAP Concur,
  • Ramp,
  • and other expense- and invoice-tracking systems.

Doesn’t ProLaw already have an import feature?

Yes and no.

ProLaw does allow importing hard-cost advanced Journals and their corresponding Transactions. However, ProLaw requires those billable expenses to be in a very specific text file format–which some expense-management systems don’t or can’t provide.

And, nearly all firms also need to import non-billable expenses–for example, office supplies, travel expenses, client-development meals, etc.

ProLaw does not import non-billable expenses. And most firms have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of these expenses every month.

So, it’s just simpler to have 1 integration that imports ALL Journals entries, whether they’re billable or not (along with any corresponding billable transactions)–and all that can only be done with a custom integration.

Example Expense-Entry Platforms for Law Firms

Expense- and invoice-tracking platforms play a crucial role in managing expenses, ensuring compliance, and maintaining financial transparency. We’ve built automated integrations for many platforms, including:

Chrome River / Emburse

Chrome River / Emburse offers law firms a comprehensive expense management solution designed to simplify the expense reporting process, enhance compliance, and optimize cost control.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a renowned expense management platform–built by the SAP powerhouse–that empowers law firms with features like expense tracking, invoice management, and travel expense management.


Ramp is a modern expense management platform built for businesses, including law firms, to gain control over their expenses, automate reconciliation, and maximize savings.

Other expense-management platforms

Even if you use a different expense-management platform not listed above, the basic architecture for integrating with ProLaw is similar. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve built lots of automated integrations for ProLaw. We’ve done this kind of thing before, so rest assured that yours is no different.

StreamLine Integrations: Stop doing double-data-entry

We’ve created integrations between various expense-entry platforms and ProLaw.

The most obvious benefit to integrating these systems with ProLaw is that you’ll no longer have to do double-data-entry: i.e., manually enter Journals and Transactions in ProLaw that people have ALREADY entered in your expense-tracking system.

Plus, the integrations we’ve built typically include the following:

1. Automatic Sync with ProLaw

  • StreamLine’s integrations ensure that ProLaw effortlessly syncs with your chosen expense tracking platform.
  • No more manual data entry in multiple systems, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

2. Effortless Journal and Transaction Creation

  • With StreamLine’s integrations, ProLaw Journals and Transactions are automatically generated from your expense-tracking system’s data.
  • Say goodbye to manual input, reducing the chances of data entry errors.

3. Attachment of Receipts and Vendor Invoices

  • StreamLine’s integrations enable automatic attachment of receipts or vendor invoice images/PDFs to ProLaw Journals and Transactions.
  • All relevant documentation is easily accessible within ProLaw, promoting transparency and compliance.

4. Customizable ProLaw Journal Entries

  • Tailor your ProLaw Journal entries to suit your firm’s specific needs. We’ve built integrations that offer flexibility for how your Journals entries are created, allowing you to choose between summary entries or expense line-item entries.

5. Enhanced Visibility and Peace of Mind

  • Easily keep an eye on the status of imports and any errors encountered during data transfer.
  • Proactively identify and resolve issues in the source data to prevent errors when creating ProLaw Journals and Transactions.

6. Validation Files

  • StreamLine’s integrations include validation files, such as lists of active matters and professionals, exported from ProLaw.
  • These files play a vital role in ensuring data accuracy during the integration process.

7. Data Validation and Error Handling

  • Data validation is a crucial step to catch errors in source data before creating ProLaw Journals and Transactions.
  • StreamLine’s integration solutions come equipped with robust error-handling mechanisms to address any issues that may arise (e.g. a billable expense that has an invalid MatterID).

8. Logging and Reporting

  • Stay informed with detailed logs that provide insights into the integration process.
  • Quickly identify and address any discrepancies or errors.

9. Reconciliation Made Easy

  • StreamLine simplifies the process of reconciling AMEX and other credit card statements with ProLaw and your expense-tracking platform.
  • Ensure that financial records align seamlessly, reducing the risk of discrepancies.

10. Optional Email Notifications

  • Our integrations offer the option for automatic email notifications upon the success or failure of the import process.
  • Stay updated on the status of your financial data transfer with ease.

Semi-Automated Integrations

Aren’t quite sure you want a completely automated integration?

That’s OK.

We’ve also built semi-automated integrations–basically fancy Excel templates where you paste in your expense data, click a button, then see the results of your imported data.

Ready to stop manually entering data?

OK, you get it: we’ve built oodles of these automated integrations for lots of expense-entry platforms, and we can do it for you too.

Ready to stop doing manual data entry?

Give us a call or shoot us an email at: greg [@]

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