A/R Manager Workspace

No More Headaches: Revolutionize Your A/R Collection Process with StreamLine’s A/R Manager Workspace

Dealing with accounts receivable (A/R) can be a real headache, especially for law firms.

The traditional methods of chasing unpaid invoices can be incredibly time-consuming and error-prone.

Enter StreamLine A/R Manager Workspace, the game-changer that simplifies A/R collection for law firms, allowing you to swiftly collect overdue payments from clients.

Say goodbye to the manual drudgery; StreamLine’s A/R Manager Workspace simplifies the entire A/R collection process so you collect cash faster and stop writing off A/R from old statements.

The Conventional A/R Collection Struggle

Managing A/R in ProLaw is extremely cumbersome. Here’s a peek into how it’s typically done:

  1. Query & Generate a Report in Ledger: Then, sift through your Ledger data to identify clients with outstanding A/R.
  2. Split the Report into Client-Specific PDFs: After identifying delinquent clients, manually create individual PDF reports for each of them.
  3. Write Manual Emails for Each Client: Compose separate emails for every client to request payment.
  4. Find & Attach Client-Specific PDF Ledger Reports: Save the statement pdf, find it in your file syste, then attach it to the client email.
  5. Send the email. Cross your fingers that the client replies promptly.
  6. Repeat for every client: Yep, no joke: do everything above for each client who owes the firm money.

To effectively manage A/R in ProLaw, you basically need a dedicated staff member working full-time on these collections.

Plus, you risk sending the wrong statements to clients.

A dirty secret: most firms do virtually nothing to collect A/R

Given how time-consuming and cumbersome managing A/R is in ProLaw, it’s no surprise that 90% of firms do nothing to collect A/R.

The results?

  • It takes firms far longer–weeks or months longer–to collect cash.
  • Firms write off thousands of dollars on old invoices that they could get paid for.

StreamLine A/R Manager Workspace: A Game-Changer

Enter StreamLine A/R Manager Workspace—a far simpler & easier way to accelerate A/R collections.

With the A/R Manager Workspace, you can gain full visibility into your A/R data and effortlessly take control of the collections process–without tedious & repetitive manual steps.

1. Comprehensive A/R Overview

  • Real-time insights into the exact amount of outstanding A/R and who owes it. No more digging through complicated Ledger queries & reports.

2. Streamlined Collection Actions

  • Easily see which clients need reminders.
  • Simply choose the clients who need emails and click a button. No more manual email composition and attachment hassles.
  • Emails are based on your template verbiage, and include all the info clients need to review their statements and make a payment.

3. Automated Logging of Collections Activities

  • The A/R Manager Workspace automatically logs all your collection activities in ProLaw, ensuring accurate and transparent record-keeping.

4. Efficient Email Campaigns

  • The A/R Manager Workspace allows you to send out customized emails to clients with ease, including a summary of their outstanding balance, payment instructions, and attached original statement PDFs.

By leveraging the StreamLine A/R Manager Workspace, you can simplify your A/R collection efforts, ensuring that you get paid faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Real-World Success Stories

Let’s take a look at 2 law firms that harnessed the power of the A/R Manager Workspace to transform their A/R collection process.

Firm #1: Collecting $1.5 Million in 5 Weeks, Including Year-Old Invoices

  • This firm initially had a whopping $9.2 million in A/R, much of which had gone uncollected for an extended period.
  • Once they decided to take action, they used the A/R Manager Workspace, and successfully collected $1.5 million in just five weeks.
  • Notably, they even got paid on invoices that were over a year old.
  • How did they do it? They sent a total of 967 emails within a single week, and their A/R staff member accomplished this feat part-time, in addition to their regular responsibilities.

Firm #2: The Mistake That Brought in Cash

  • Another law firm integrated StreamLine A/R Manager into their workflow.
  • During a routine email template test, they accidentally sent emails to a few dozen clients with the subject line “===TEST===”—a clear oversight.
  • Surprisingly, within minutes, clients began to respond, thanked the firm for reminding them, and said they’d get the payment in process.
  • In the following days and weeks, other clients also replied and began sending in their payments.

These real-world examples illustrate the incredible potential of the StreamLine A/R Manager Workspace to expedite A/R collections and recover long-overdue payments.

Sound interesting?

If that sounds interesting , call or email us (greg [@] streamline-corp.com) to see how you can get started.

See it in action

Below are a couple super-short videos showing the A/R Manager Workspace in action.

Find an attorney’s A/R in literally 9 seconds:

Create & send A/R reminder emails in seconds:

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